Connect and Communicate

Connect and Communicate with Leading Schools and Partners

ELSA is the national organization that supports first-rate institutions in the field of English or bilingual education.

Building on its expertise, network and partnerships, ELSA is a fantastic place for schools to thrive whatever the school profile and brings many opportunities to school leaders and their teams to connect, communicate, collaborate and cultivate.

ELSA also serves as a link for local, regional and professional entities that have an interest in international education bringing field expertise, market insights and resources to support their activity and research, bridging communication with international schools.


Membership Benefits

Connect : with school leaders, experts, and specialists in education to support your school and your teams, project and program development, accreditation guidance, in-house professional development, research and more.

Support educational program enrichment for students through student competitions, visiting authors, workshops and more.

Heads Luncheon:once a year, connect with fellow leaders in education in an atmosphere of professional comradeship as embodied by the ELSA network.

AGM: Find out about the network, activities, professional development and initiatives.

Participation in ELSA events and programs and preferential fees.

Assist and offer guidance to new schools and programs

Discounts from our partnering institution


Schools that meet the Association’s academic and linguistic criteria, can apply for membership by submitting the contact form below.

School Membership

460€ per academic year

1- National or international schools or programmes whose medium of language instruction for part of or all of the curriculum is English.
2- The curriculum or subjects are taught by qualified teachers in their subject.
3- Schools can provide documents to support the accreditation: curriculum and evidence of teacher qualifications.

Schools that are part of a consortium must apply individually and pay the membership fee for their school.

Associate Membership

350€ per academic year

Partner with local and international representatives in the education sector. Organisations, institutions, businesses and associations have much to gain from the ELSA network and can extend membership benefits to their own network.

Individual Membership

110€ per academic year

Educators whose professional activity and credentials in education qualify. 

Our member schools 2023

Logos Membres School 1 2 3 Mon Ecole
Logos Membres School American School Of Grenoble
Logos Membres School American School Of Paris
Logos Membres School Anglophone Section Fontainebleau
Logos Membres School Bis Bordeux International School
Logos Membres School British Council
Logos Membres School Civ Valbonne
Logos Membres School College Lycee La Tour
Logos Membres School Concordia Bilingual School Paris
Logos Membres School Cours Moliere
Logos Membres School Roaming School House
Logos Membres School Ecole Bilingue Internationale Clermont Ferrand
Logos Membres School Ecole Canadienne Bilingue De Paris
Logos Membres School Ecole Internationale Bilingue Eib De La Jonchere
Logos Membres School Ecole Jeannine Manuel
Logos Membres School Ecole M
Logos Membres School Ecole Massillon Primaire College Lycee
Logo British School
Logos Membres School Eib Paris Monceau Ecole Internationale Bilingue
Logo Ermitage
Logos Membres School Eurecole Maternelle Et Primaire
Logos Membres School Ics Paris International School
Logos Membres School Sainte Genevieve
Logos Membres School Institut Notre Dame Paris
Logos Membres School International School Of Lyon
Logos Membres School International School Of Paris
Logos Membres School Ist
Logos Membres School Kingsworth International School
Logos Membres School Lab School Paris
Logos Membres School Lennen Bilingual School Paris France
Logos Membres School Lycee International American Section
Logos Membres School Lycee International British Section
Logos Membres School Marymount International School Paris
Logos Membres School Mis Malherbe International School
Logos Membres School Notre Dame International Hight School
Logos Membres School Rainbow School Paris
Logos Membres School Section International La Celle Saint Cloud Noisy Le Roi
Logo Union School
Logos Membres School Sis Paris Ouest Sections Internationales De Sevres